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  • The one who embodies the flames of resurrection, living again through thick and thin. I possess the knowledge of many times and many places, every answer to every question, and so I welcome you into my reality. Note that I am not a staff member on the VSBW, so if you are here in hopes of getting staff review on your main site CRTs, I will not be of help to you.
    Could you please commenti on this thread?

    Could you please comment on this thread?
    Would you be able to look into This when you have the time please?
    1 year into being an adult, starting tomorrow.

    My experience has been dreadful thus far. How do people do this? Full time jobs, standing all day, barely getting free time, barely living.

    Wild stuff man. I hate it.
    Probably something you will be interested in
    Hi, could you evaluate this minor CRT?
    Hey phoenks, I know you are jusf as crazy as me so
    1. Should Reinhard vs Sans be a thing?
    2, Any good matchups with Ley? Right now i am thinking of zenitsu, Inosuke and maybe some other Demon slayer high tiers
    Hi, would you mind giving your input on this CRT please?
    Hello friend, I did not noticed you had become an admin, Congratulations!

    I was also wondering if you could give this CRT a look when you have spare time please;

    Only adminstrator on FCOC but thank you.

    As for COTE, I know nothing much about it.
    I just noticed that now ;-;

    Anyway, No problem
    If you're interested:
    Congrats on becoming an admin! When you have the time, can you take a look at a few of these threads from here, please? Thanks.
    Thanks but I have absolutely zero interest in Mario on this wiki, I'm sorry. I would rather not dirty the memories I have of these games.
    Fair enough. Are you at least knowledgeable on some anime like Devilman? If so, I'd like input here, please.
    We upgraded to double green today boys.



    Hell yeah, this goes so hard.

    Can't wait for the influx of people who think I am an administrator of the main site!
    Hi, if you have time, can you give your input here? 🙏
    (simple stuff)
    I would like if you engage with this thread
    Can you please comment on this thread, please?
    Hello, could you please give your assessment on this thread?
    Could you please give your opinion on this?
    Could you please give your opinion on this?
    Hello, can you please review this?
    Would you mind giving your input here, please?
    Hello, could you take a look at this CRT? to summarize things up, we’re looking for approval to add one small change to Wilson’s page and upgrade him to Low 2-C (with Illusion of Living). 🙏
    How does it feel being in GTA VI (real)?
    Wut wait what's the reference
    GTA VI will be set in Vice City which is Florida.

    Oh lmfao, that. Yeah, Florida is the perfect GTA environment. Looking forward to it.
    in need of a content mod, don't know if you can help with edits and approval
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