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Except the site standard does NOT affect the absolute zero resistance for Dante because we showed you proof the characters kept getting frozen by said absolute zero enemies, only to break out of it. Something that is allowed for resisting absolute zero in the first place.

idk anything about the broader conversation on this or where I'd go to have it, but on a purely physics-based level, receiving an absolute zero beam and getting frozen by it does not mean that your body is put at absolute zero temperatures. Your body would gradually get lowered to that temperature, and would freeze whenever a human body would freeze normally. This is very very different from a character who can instantly set one's entire body to absolute zero.
Hi, I have a question regarding the upscaling thread. Assuming a specific numerical value gets chosen (M3X’s proposal of being 3/4 of the way to the next tier or the current 1.5x difference seem like the best proposals to me), would it also apply to upscaling to a + rating?

Like, if Character A was High 7-A (let’s say, 1.99 gigatons), and Character B one-shots Character A, would B be able to upscale to High 7-A+ (2.65 gigatons)?