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  • Hey! I am on vacation! I will be back soon...
    Thank you for your hard work with the server move and for fixing all those remaining bugs, we all here appreciate it.
    @sultan Since some or most of the calculations from this blog have been evaluated and accepted by others, do you mind adding the said ones to the References for Common Feats page? If you're busy atm, that's fine; I'm just looking for someone who can append them to the page.
    If there is a verse based on quantum mechanics
    Can I say that “ Humans in this verse do not see” the higher dimensions (from 4d to ♾d)
    Yo, mini question again ... Do you ever follow the characters discussions here or is there a character you want to upgrade but you can't open a discussion thread about it because you don't have time? Are you interested in these issues? Just out of curiosity 👀
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