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  • Feel free to contact me anytime for help! I may be busy with IRL obligations from time to time, but I will endeavour to be available when I am needed.
    Please, your input

    Could you help me with this, please?
    Can you comment?

    Could you evaluate this thread please?

    Hello, could you give your opinion about this crt? It's been months without a conclusion.
    Could you evaluate this CRT please? I believe this should only require 1 vote

    Could you please give some input in this downgrade crt?
    Hi dark. Could you please evaluate this thread on Summer Time Rendering? You evaluated one a while back so your help here would be wonderful. It has things to do with Tier 1.
    Yeah, this needs a whole calc evaluation cause the first low end calc is massively incorrect just due to the not equaling right with the results.
    I'm afraid I'm not qualified to provide calc evaluations. If there is an issue with the calc, can you refer this to a calc group member?
    Could you please help evaluate this CRT?
    Hey, I know you're probably being asked this a ton, but I'm starting to kinda get desperate with evaluations- sorry about this

    This one's a longer one, and a four parter too- so I might need you again later

    Thanks in advance
    Hey, just following up again- if you don’t wanna participate just lmk, I don’t want to be an active annoyance- I can just use some help here (I can also probably find someone else for the other parts, dw about it)

    EDIT: Dw about it, got enough people
    heya. can you check this thread please? it is nearly over but seems like it needs another staff review. a simple upgrade.

    can you check out this thread pls? it needs another staff to get accepted i guess.

    Can you check out this thread?
    Hi can you evaluate this crt
    Hello, can you please check this profile CRT?
    Could you help evaluate this crt?
    Could you please evaluate this thread relating to my smol verse?
    Hello, can you comment?

    Hey there. Sorry for bothering. If you have a minute could you give your input in this CRT? Thanks in advance.

    excuse me, can you evaluate this crt?
    Some question

    If we burn someone that literally a fire, isnt that mean bypass immunity??? Burn is fire's property, and we cannot say a fire get burn, because we cannot add burn's concept to fire

    So if you literally burn someone that literally a fire without any addition feats like rewrite the law of world, we get bypass immunity of fire right???

    Or lets take death for another example, if you death manip someone that literally a death (AE1) you get bypass immunity right???
    Hello! Could you please give your input to this CRT?
    Can you check this minor CRT? We only 1 more staff input
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