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saiki kusuo

  1. DontTalkDT

    The Disastrous Calcs of Saiki K.

    So, as a follow up on my last thread, I have some calcs with problems I wish to address. (It sure is convenient how easy wordplay with the title is lol) Typhoon moving This calc. For a start, not sure why this is considered LS. I find it rather unlikely that he grabbed the air, instead of just...
  2. DontTalkDT

    The Disastrous State of Saiki K.'s profile

    Saiki's profile is in need of various revisions, but this thread will focus on the most basic one: Remove all the non-canon stuff from the profile. Let's get started. The anime isn't canon Not sure what else to say about this. Given, I think it's only used for some scans that can be replaced...
  3. Edutyn

    A very simple ability addition for Saiki K Part 2

    Ability: With Limiters: Smoke Manipulation: Create a smoke screen For his Soul: Self-Sustenance Type 1,2,3: Toritsuka explains that ghosts are not hungry or tired.
  4. Jozaysmith?

    Two Geniuses Collides Who becomes the dinner or the winner

    Rimuru Vs saiki *slime key is used and Veldora summoning is restricted *Combat speed equalized *location: Planet earth *All weapons and any other cheats allowed Rimuru tempest Saiki Inconclusive
  5. Edutyn

    A simple ability addition for Saiki K

    Ability: With Limiters: Invulnerability Otorgation: He can make objects indestructible such as underwear, which he made so that it could not be torn even if the rest of the clothes are torn. Saiki already has Retrocognition and Psychometry although listed in different parts. Psychometry...
  6. ShionAH

    Demon King vs A Psychic (Grace)

    Kusuo Saiki: 9 (@ShionAH, @Edutyn, @Dragonite007, @Eseseso @BoastJr, @Sharousisback1, @MusicRelaxing, @BasedNecoScaler69, @LuffyRuffy46307) vs Kang Han Soo: 2 (@Pedonar, @Setsuna_tenma vs No one: 1 @Robo432343 5-B for both. No multipliers to other tiers. Twelfth Playthrough Saga vs Without...

    Kusuo Saiki VS Wang Ling (Anime) [ 0-0-0 ]

    KUSUO SAIKI VS WANG LING Rules *Saiki in 3rd key & wang ling in 1st key ( sword not allowed ) *Speed equalised *Battle on earth *Distance 100 m THIS BATTLE WAS SUGGESTED BY @ShionAH & @Fallen_Angelicx COFFEE JELLY GUY :- CRISPY NOODLES GUY :- INCON:-
  8. Edutyn

    Saiki Kusuo Matchup Thread!

    Since there are no matches involving Saiki. Partly because of hax I decided to make this thread after seeing this Saiki with limiters scale to 1.214 Zettatons (Small Planet Level). Without his limiter scale to 121.442 Zettatons (Planet Level) Saiki dura with Limiters Scale to 121.442 Zettatons...
  9. ShionAH

    Kusuo Saiki Revisions…

    Ability Additions Healing (He was able to heal Nendo's amnesia) Extrasensory Perception (Was able to see Nendo's Aura change) Mind Manipulation (Similar to his alternate version Saiki can mind control people to the point where humans wouldnt even notice the Saiki's erasing a entire city)...
  10. Dog3352

    Kusuo Saiki Possible downgrade

    first: Reality warping is not being used directly in Saiki, but in the universe, where the number 100 is constantly appearing as "coiencidences", so it makes no sense for it to have resistance to reality warping when it has never been used in it. Second: Why the hell does this give resistance to...
  11. Aseka

    Half-truth fallacy on Saiki's plot manipulation.

    So, recently I was reading Saiki's page on wiki, and there's Plot Manipulation there. So I'm curious where is that come from. It is said it's from the novels, so I read it. When I read the novels, it feels so odd for Saiki getting Plot hax. There's so much anti-feats hidden within it. And in...