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A Small but Big Revision for Saiki K.

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Agree: ShionAH, Abscoolguy, DarkDragonMedeus, CloverDragon03 (Didnt give opinion on Low 1-C), FeebasExE, possibly Andytrenom (Accepts Sight Energy as 2-C), Tago238 (Other key),

Disagree: Fixxed

So one for 5D and one for 2-C (Clover doesn't count because I'm a member of Calc)

I would even give my opinion on Low 1-C, but I recently did a crt involving a one-verse feat pretty much the same as what happened in Looney Toones (someone quoted this here) and it didn't pass, so I'm really confused about the amount of enough evidence needed to qualify as R > f
I dont know where is my stonewalling when you guys not even debunk any of my argument
We debunked you but you just don't want to accept it so you keep repeating yourself. I am not gonna argue with you because this already happened twice.
It not even "happened" it just stated. One times statement and the context is very vague
This statement is vague...?

Are you genuinly serious?

Like really...?
So what are they a reference to.

You keep saying "context" without explaining exactly why they don't qualify.

If energy is being transferred from a 5D source (We as readers of a 4D cosmology) what does it make it. 3D?

And that's how we as readers treat the franchise of Saiki

And you'll be proven wrong again, as usual
Lmao Then call DT and face the bitter truth. We never look directly at the statement, we look at the context of the statement and how true and how usable that statement is.

Also, "seeing it as a book and a story" is no longer sufficient for R>F, as Marvel has shown.

The most precise things for R>F are seeing the subplane in 2D or being more real than it. In the same plane, someone using plot hax without R>F can see cosmology as a story.
The statement "seeing it as a story" can be used in many senses, and I would like to clarify one thing: there is no talk of seeing it as a story or of a higher dimension, only of a "different" dimension in the verse.

Lmao also R>F does not mean higher dimensions. You contradict even in your own arguments and comments.
Not open for further replies.