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kusuo saiki

  1. ShionAH

    The Disastrous Novel of Saiki Kusuo (Last Attempt at Salvation)

    I will be trying this again since I feel like I was unable to debate at the last CRT. Literally the second and the sixth ******* reply for the CRT is a mods agreeing with it Important evidence will be bold. Purpose This CRT is trying to consider the novel of Saiki Kusuo (Extra Stories of...
  2. AbaddonTheDisappointment

    Yung's Battle Party Tournament: The Infinite and The Divine (Trazyn the Infinite & Orikan the Diviner) vs PK Psyckers! (Reita Toritsuka & Kusuo Saiki)

    Since Yung can't make the next few threads I'm just gonna make the one with my guys so yeah: The Infinite and The Divine! (Trazyn & Orikan) vs. PK Psyckers! (Reita Toritsuka & Kusuo Saiki (First Key)) Rules: 1) Equal Base Stats 2) 2 minutes of prep time. 3) Otherwise SBA
  3. ShionAH

    Kusuo Saiki, Final Revision (?)

    Welp. I think its the end. You can click here for the ability additions This is mostly done by the man himself @Edutyn so props to him and I do not take credit for it Agree: 4 (@Edutyn, @Eseseso, @StrymULTRA, @Georredannea15) Disagree: Neutral:
  4. Edutyn

    A very simple ability addition for Saiki K Part 2

    Ability: With Limiters: Smoke Manipulation: Create a smoke screen For his Soul: Self-Sustenance Type 1,2,3: Toritsuka explains that ghosts are not hungry or tired.
  5. Pedonar

    Saiki vs Kang Han soo (Rematch)

    Reason: the votes were done before my counterarguments, and Shion acted blindly on most of Han Soo's win conditions 1. Nature of Han soo body: His body is composed of fine particles, a type of dark matter that exists everywhere he also stated that he doesn’t need to eat or sleep and also he...
  6. Edutyn

    A simple ability addition for Saiki K

    Ability: With Limiters: Invulnerability Otorgation: He can make objects indestructible such as underwear, which he made so that it could not be torn even if the rest of the clothes are torn. Saiki already has Retrocognition and Psychometry although listed in different parts. Psychometry...
  7. ShionAH

    Demon King vs A Psychic (Grace)

    Kusuo Saiki: 9 (@ShionAH, @Edutyn, @Dragonite007, @Eseseso @BoastJr, @Sharousisback1, @MusicRelaxing, @BasedNecoScaler69, @LuffyRuffy46307) vs Kang Han Soo: 2 (@Pedonar, @Setsuna_tenma vs No one: 1 @Robo432343 5-B for both. No multipliers to other tiers. Twelfth Playthrough Saga vs Without...

    Saiki K Intelligence?

    So I was checking on saiki k's profile and there was his intelligence part which have me on thinking why he has supergenius As for supergenius Intelligence one has to wrap reality on a universal scale with their invention as stated in intelligence page And saiki k got his supergenius...
  9. Edutyn

    Saiki K Vs Yhwach

    Suggested by BasedNecoScaler69 in this thread Base Yhwach Vs With Limiters Saiki Rules: Yhwach is Low 5-B (665.25 Exatons) and Saiki is Low 5-B (594.4 Exatons) Starting distance is 1000 Kilometers Speed is equalized/unequalized Any win-con is valid Battle Place is: Earth SBA otherwise Saiki...
  10. Edutyn

    Saiki Kusuo Matchup Thread!

    Since there are no matches involving Saiki. Partly because of hax I decided to make this thread after seeing this Saiki with limiters scale to 1.214 Zettatons (Small Planet Level). Without his limiter scale to 121.442 Zettatons (Planet Level) Saiki dura with Limiters Scale to 121.442 Zettatons...
  11. ShionAH

    Kusuo Saiki Revisions…

    Ability Additions Healing (He was able to heal Nendo's amnesia) Extrasensory Perception (Was able to see Nendo's Aura change) Mind Manipulation (Similar to his alternate version Saiki can mind control people to the point where humans wouldnt even notice the Saiki's erasing a entire city)...
  12. Benimōru

    Kusuo Saiki - Low Complex Multiversal Attack Potency Removal

    First, I suggest you read this thread for more information on this topic. 5-D Sight Energy Argument: The problem is that none of these statements prove 5-D/Qualitative Superiority by today's standards. 1. Calling the sources/users of this power supreme observers and referring to them as...
  13. Edutyn

    A Minor Revision For Saiki K (Again)

    Hellooooo! Ladies and gentlemen, we are back with another revision for Kusuo Saiki, although this time it's a minor revision. Abilities: With Limiters: Space-Time Manipulation, Energy Manipulation, Immersion: (5-D, Thought, "Sight Energy" comes from the reader's mind, from a higher...
  14. Edutyn

    A Small but Big Revision for Saiki K.

    Good morning, afternoon, or evening, ladies and gentlemen. A: Novel, Plot Manip, Sight, and Psy Energy. Since Psy/Sight energy was rejected here to be 2-C and in turn degraded the Plot Manip. I bring information that could help to bring back that tier. Sight Energy Definition: So as explained...
  15. Edutyn

    Battle Of Two Gods! Kusuo Saiki Vs Anos Voldigoad!

    Mythical Age Anos Vs Without Limiters Saiki <Venuzdonoa> and Psy Energy are blocked Rules: Anos is High 5-A (286.63 Ronnatons) and Saiki is 5-B (121.442 Zettatons) Starting distance is 1000 Kilometers Speed is equalized Any win-con is valid Battle Place is: Earth SBA otherwise Saiki: Shion...
  16. Edutyn

    Saiki Kusuo New and Improved, Shiny Profile!

    So Shion and I worked on a major rework for Saiki's profile. Actual Rework
  17. Edutyn

    Tier 7 Biggest Tournament: Saiki Kusuo Vs Simon

    edutyn Vs FoxySonicMaster108 Kusuo Saiki Vs Simon ( Simon pilot Gurren Lagann) Tournament Round 1. Match 4 Rules: Equal Speed, SBA Saiki: DontTalkDT, Epiccheev, KingNanaya Simon: Incon:
  18. Edutyn

    High 7-C Tournament: Saiki K. Vs Hajime Hinata

    ShionAH Vs Adem_Warlock69 Kusuo Saiki Vs Hajime Hinata (Izuru Kamukura) Tournament Round 6. Quarterfinals Rules: Equal Speed, SBA Saiki: Hajime: Incon:
  19. Knifeman29

    Equal Stats Tournament: Match 4 (Saiki K VS Director Phobos)

    Tourney Thread Saiki K vs Director Phobos Fight Takes Place In Hanamura Esper VS God Emperor Saiki K: Director Phobos:
  20. Edutyn

    High 7-C Tournament: Saiki K Vs Mahito

    ShionAH Vs speedster352 Kusuo Saiki Vs Mahito Tournament Round 2. Rules: Equal Speed, SBA Saiki K: DontTalkDT, ShionAH, edutyn, KingNanaya Mahito: speedster352, noisyPitta Incon: Dr._whiteee
  21. Edutyn

    Equal Stats Battle: Izuku Midoriya Vs Kusuo Saiki!

    All stats are equal. Hax that makes the fight a Stomp will be restricted. Saiki ends up in the USJ due to the malfunction of his limiter, just at that moment Izuku was there and saw Saiki coming out of a thick purple fog. Believing that it was an AFO henchman, he decided to attack. Place: USJ...
  22. Edutyn

    A Small CRT of Saiki K

    A small update for Saiki K. AP: Since this calc has been accepted, Saiki's AP increases. At least High 7-C | At least High 7-C | 6-C to High 6-A | At least High 6-A, possibly 5-B Dura: Almost the same as AP, but with a small modification. At least High 7-C | At least High 7-C | 6-C to High...
  23. Pedonar

    Kang han soo vs Kusuo Saiki (1-0-0)

    Kang Han Soo (Fifth Playthrough/ Hero Festival Saga ) vs Kusuo Saiki (Damaged Limiter) Equal Speed both in character han soo scales to 2.0378399e+15 saiki scales to 1.710218e+15 kang han soo: Artorimachi_Meteoraft kusuo saiki: incon:
  24. DemonicDude

    Tier 7-A The Mountain King Tournament: Kusuo Saiki vs Swampfire

    Edutyn vs Demonicdude Rules: 1-Hax in general at Mid (No one shotting hax characters example: No Death hax, No High Regen. Immortatily Type 2, 3, are fine as long as character can be eventually killed to avoid complete stomp) No Summon users (1 vs 1 Fights) Your characters can get all the...
  25. Edutyn

    Another Saiki Kusuo Revision

    I have noticed that Kusuo Saiki's profile is a bit disorganized and out of date. So I decided to make a CRT. Attack Potency: Based on this and this calculation, Saiki's AP should be higher. At least High 7-A | At least High 7-A | 6-C to High 6-A | At least High 6-A, possibly 5-B Durability...
  26. Edutyn

    A Saiki Kusuo Revision

    I have noticed that Kusuo Saiki's profile is a bit disorganized and out of date. So I decided to make a CRT. Attack Potency: Based on this calculation, Saiki's AP should be higher. At least High 7-C | At least High 7-C | 6-C to High 6-A | At least High 6-A, possibly 5-B Durability: Update...
  27. Edutyn

    Saiki Kusuo VS Accelerator

    Speed Equal Saiki with limiters VS Post-Headshot Accelerator Saiki knows that Accelerator wants to fight by reading his mind. Accelerator was bored and decided to fight Saiki. The battle takes place in Academy City. 50 meters Saiki: Accelerator: Inconclusive:
  28. hockame

    0-0-0 Kusuo Saiki VS Mosquito Girl

    I felt that Kusuo deserved more matches, so I did this Mosquito Girl: Kusuo Saiki: Incon: Kusuo is in his Damaged Limiter key Mosquito girl is in her After Sucking Blood key Fight takes place in the Saiki household Win via incap or death Fighters start 10 feet away from each other Both have...
  29. Saiki K VERSUS Popeye

    Speed equal, Saitama has no limiters. If you don't know Popeye's feats, check out the Popeye vs Saitama death battle because they go over things that the wiki doesn't.
  30. Rasputin

    Saiki vs Tatsumaki

    Saiki Tatsumaki Does Tatsumaki have a chance now? Equal Speed
  31. Jamesthetaker

    Saiki Kusuo Revision

    I'm displeased with how Kusuo Saiki profile are right now and i've decide to make a CRT for it. It should be noted that feat occured without Limiters would be marked with [-]: Attack Potency This would either supporting his current rating or upgrade his tier: Diverts an asteroid that was going...
  32. Rasputin

    Tatsuya vs Ainz vs Saiki

    Ainz Tatsuya Saiki Equal Speed
  33. Rasputin

    Saiki vs Madara

    Saiki vs Madara Equal Speed
  34. RanaProGamer

    Saiki Tries To Get His First W Against A Purple Tyrant

    Thanos and his army invade Earth in hopes of finding the last Infinity Stone, he looks in awe as a kid makes short work of his army. Seeing the threat he is about to face, Saiki removes all his limiters to go all out. Standard Battle Assumptions Speed equalized. Thanos has the incomplete...
  35. Bernkastelll

    I do belive that Saiki Kusuo tier 5 ratings should scale to his durability and his others keys need a better wording

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Kusuo_Saiki Well, just by flying as a kid, he could easily do that thing with the moon if he wanted to, and he stated that his powers increased with his age, so, he should be far stronger than it, and I propose to all ratings that arent tier 5 be rated as that...
  36. Artorimachi_Meteoraft

    Battle of the psychics: Kusuo saiki vs mewtwo (2 VOTES LEFT)

    Mewtwo wrecks havoc on the human world. Saiki's going to stop him. can he do it. Saiki's Profile Mewtwo's Profile Rules: Speed is equalized Base Mewtwo vs Saiki without his limiters. (he's removed both limiters) Both are 5-B. Both are Bloodlusted. (Saiki tends to let his opponents attack...
  37. Tots_Real

    Kusuo Saiki Vs Itachi Uchiha

    Speed Equalized Kusuo Saiki has a day of prep Island level with lowest durability without limiters Alive Itachi
  38. RanaProGamer

    Kusuo Saiki vs Ichigo Kurosaki

    No Limiters Saiki vs TYBW Ichigo . 5-B Versions Used. Speed Equalized. In character and fighting on a parallel planet to go all out. Who wins and why?
  39. Ecetereis

    Kusuo Saiki vs All Medaka Box Characters 1 by 1 (speed equalized, Bloodlusted) 5-B reality warping form

    So far. Kusuo Saiki is a genius level pyschic that had the power to make anime logic and reality warp planets. Medaka Box Characters are ridiculously overpowered in reality warping as well. My thoughts are that Saiki teleports away and creates clones and comes back tanking most hax and erasing...
  40. Ecetereis

    2 Limiter Saiki Upgrade

    He clearly has 2 limiters on. Why is 2 limiters Saiki 8-B. He destroyed an island with 2 llimiters on. It was already calced but added as 6-C with 1 limiter. Edit: A chart was found to calculate current Saiki's power. Edit 2: Proving the moon feat calculable when he is 11.