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Suggested by BasedNecoScaler69 in this thread

Base Yhwach Vs With Limiters Saiki


  • Yhwach is Low 5-B (665.25 Exatons) and Saiki is Low 5-B (594.4 Exatons)
  • Starting distance is 1000 Kilometers
  • Speed is equalized/unequalized
  • Any win-con is valid
  • Battle Place is: Earth
  • SBA otherwise

Saiki K:



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Shouldnt we wait the revision? I mean it kinda gives some insane abilities to Saiki
Not sure who wins, but Yhwach's first key does have some decent hax:

  • Macro-Quantum Matter Manipulation
  • Existence Erasure
  • Deconstruction
  • Absorption
  • Necromancy that can summon trillions of souls
  • Mid Godly Regen Negation
The values were outdated, so I changed them.

Yhwach is 665.25 Exatons and Saiki is 594.4 Exatons

Saiki Dura is 59.44 Zettatons
Yhwch is only 665.25 with an ability. He's normally only a 5th of that.

Yhwach can only harm him with soul manip anyway.
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